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B.P. Arts, S.M.A. Science, K.K.C. Commerce College Chalisgaon
Dhule Road, Chalisgaon
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College Development Committee
College Development Committee
Sr. No. Person Post
1. Hon. Shri. M. R. Amrutkar Chairman
2. Hon. Shri. Prin. Dr. M. V. Bildikar Secretary
3. Hon. Shri. Dr. V. M. Kotkar Member
4. Hon. Shri.Y. R. Agrawal Member
5. Hon. Shri. D. R. Chaudhari Member
6. Hon. Shri. P. M. Patil Member
7. Hon. Shri. R. B. Rakhunde Member
8. Hon. Shri. Dr. A. B. Sawarkar Member
9. Hon. Shri. Prof. R. R. Borse Member
10. Hon. Shri. Dr. R.A. Kulkarni Member
11. Hon. Shri. Dr. V. D. Chaudhari Member
12. Hon. Mrs. Prof. S. A. Jagtap Member
13. Hon. Shri. A. S. Gaikwad Member
Sr. No. Academic Year Teaching Faculty Post
1 2020-2021 Hon. Mr. Narayandas Mangilal Agrawal Chairman
2 2020-2021 Prin. Milind Vaman Bildikar Secretary
3 2023-2024 Prin. Milind Vaman Bildikar Chairman
4 2023-2024 Prof. Ajay Vasudeo Kate Member
5 2020-2021 Mr. Y. H. Karankal Member
6 2020-2021 Hon. Mr. Suresh R. Swar Member
7 2020-2021 Hon. Mr. Yogesh R. Agrawal Member
8 2020-2021 Prof. Rajendra Vasant Joshi Member
9 2020-2021 Prof. Dr. Kala Sanjay Khaparde Member
10 2020-2021 Prof. A. T. Londhe Member
11 2020-2021 Prof. Shashikant Diwan Bhamare Member
12 2020-2021 Member
About College
In today’s ‘techno-savy’ world, educational scenario is changing continuously. If you want to be successful in any field then proper learning is very very important factor. More...
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