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Teaching Staff [Permanent]
Teaching Staff
Sr. No. Teacher Designation Qualification Department Teacher
1 Prof. Vijay Ramchandra Baviskar Assistant Prof. MA, M.Phil, NET Geography View Profile
2 Prof. Vijay Dinanath Chaudhari Assistant Prof. M.A,(Geog) M.ED,M.A.(Mar),M.A.(Hist)NET(Geog), Geography View Profile
3 Prof. Dayaram Uttam Pawar Assistant Prof. MA, NET Geography View Profile
4 Dr. Abhay Dharma Shelke Assistant Prof. M.Sc. Ph.D. Zoology View Profile
5 Dr. Arun Baburao Sawarkar Assistant Prof. M.Sc. Ph.D. Zoology View Profile
6 Prof. Abhishek Ramesh Dhande Assistant Prof. M.Sc., NET Zoology View Profile
7 Dr. Prakash S. Baviskar Associate Prof. M.Sc. Ph.D. Botany View Profile
8 Prof. Dilipkumar Nilkanth Undirwade Assistant Prof. M.Sc. B.Ed. NET Botany View Profile
9 Prof. Dr. Kiran Balkrushna Gangapurkar Associate Prof. BA, MA, Ph.D. Marathi View Profile
10 Prof. Dr. N. O. Yeole Associate Prof. M.Sc.(Math).D.H.E.M.Phil. Ph.D. Maths & Stat. View Profile
11 Prof. Snehal S. Pate Associate Prof. B.Sc. M.Sc. Maths & Stat. View Profile
12 Prof. P. N. Thoke Assistant Prof. - Maths & Stat. View Profile
13 Prof. Sunita Narayanrao Kawale Assistant Prof. - Hindi View Profile
14 Prof. A. T. Londhe Associate Prof. B.A., M.A. Marathi View Profile
15 Prof. Lalita Vasant Upadhye Assistant Prof. M.A.(Clinical Psychology) Psychology View Profile
16 Prof. Sunita Arvind Jagtap Assistant Prof. M.A. (Clinical Psychology) Psychology View Profile
17 Prof. Varsha Bhimsing Lohar Assistant Prof. M.A. Clinical Psychology Psychology View Profile
18 Prof. Rajesh Vasant Joshi Associate Prof. - Education View Profile
19 Prof. Miss Nisha Nanasaheb Nikam Assistant Prof. Botany (Mycolog) Botany View Profile
20 Prof. Miss. Priyanka Krushnarao Deshmukh Assistant Prof. Botany (Seed Technology), B.Ed. Botany View Profile
21 Prof. Vishwanath Uttam Pawar Assistant Prof. Botany (Mycology and Plant Pathology) Botany View Profile
22 Prof. Rajendra Vasant Joshi Associate Prof. M.Sc. Physics & Electronics View Profile
23 Prof. Dhananjay Laxmikant Vasaikar Associate Prof. M.Sc. Physics & Electronics View Profile
24 Prof. Tushar Vasudev Mali Assistant Prof. M.Sc. Physics & Electronics View Profile
25 Prof. Mayuri Dilip Chavan Assistant Prof. M.Sc. Physics & Electronics View Profile
26 Prof. Mukesh Shantaram Patil Assistant Prof. M.Sc. Zoology, BioTechnology, SET Zoology View Profile
27 Prof. Archana Arun Vanikar Assistant Prof. M.A. M.Lib. & Sci. SET Library View Profile
28 Prof. Shashikant Diwan Bhamare Assistant Prof. M.A. M. Phil. B.Ed.Eco. Economics View Profile
29 Prin. Milind Vaman Bildikar Princ. M.Sc. Ph.D. Computer Science View Profile
30 Prof. Padmakar Ramsing Patil Associate Prof. M.A. English View Profile
31 Prof. Sushilkumar Yashwant Pawar Assistant Prof. M.A. NET Defence & Strategic Studies View Profile
32 Prof. Pratibha Bajirao Sonawane Associate Prof. M.A. English View Profile
33 Prof. Tilottama Suresh Chaudhari Associate Prof. M.A. M. Phil. Economics View Profile
34 Prof. Deelip Dattatray Joshi Associate Prof. M.Sc. Computer Science View Profile
35 Prof. Jaysing Namdeo Bagul Associate Prof. B.Com, M.Com Commerce View Profile
36 Prof. Kala Sanjay Khaparde Associate Prof. B.Com.,, M.Phill. Commerce View Profile
37 Prof. Ravindra Ramdas Borse Assistant Prof. M.A., M.Phill, NET English View Profile
38 Prof. Deepak Ganpat Awate Associate Prof. M.C.M. Computer Science View Profile
39 Prof. Ajay Vasudeo Kate Assistant Prof. M.A. B.Ed. M.Phil. Economics View Profile
40 Prof. Salman Umarkhan Pathan Assistant Prof. M.A. B.Ed. English View Profile
41 Prof. Prabhakar Vasant Pagar Assistant Prof. M.A. B.Ed. NET Economics View Profile
42 Prof. Poonam Nilesh Nikam Assistant Prof. M.Com. NET Commerce View Profile
43 Prof. Dr. Shrikant Sudhakar Bhandari Assistant Prof. B.Com, M.Com, Ph.D. Commerce View Profile
44 Prof. Ankush Ranjit Jadhav Assistant Prof. M.A. SET Eco. Economics View Profile
45 Prof. Jayshree Ravindra Kumavat Assistant Prof. M.A. English View Profile
46 Prof. Pramod Bharatsing Pawar Assistant Prof. M.A. Eco. Economics View Profile
47 Prof. Jarina Khalil Shaikh Assistant Prof. M.Com Commerce View Profile
48 Prof. Vaishali Suresh Songire Assistant Prof. M.Com Commerce View Profile
49 Prof. Prajkta Umakant Sonar Assistant Prof. M.Com Commerce View Profile
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